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Our mission is to promote the responsible economic development of the Historic Natchez Bluff and Riverfront as a natural wonder and a national treasure, preserving its unique historic, natural and aesthetic character for future generations to enjoy.

Our Front Porch


The front porch of Natchez, Mississippi, is a 200-foot vertical bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. Largely composed of fragile, water-soluble loess soil, the Natchez Bluff is the highest promontory on the entire river. It is a natural wonder and a national treasure with a view of the Mississippi that is second to none.

Mission and Activities

F.O.R. NATCHEZ! (Friends of Our Riverfront) is a broad based community organization concerned with quality of life and long-term economic opportunity for all citizens of Natchez.

As our city strives to find its future economic identity, F.O.R. NATCHEZ! is a voice for the responsible economic development of the historic Natchez Bluff, the Riverfront, the Broadway Street Corridor and the adjacent Historic Districts.

F.O.R. NATCHEZ! supports city planning and development that enhance the area’s unique historic, natural and aesthetic character for future generations to enjoy, while taking into account the needs and contributions of the area’s existing businesses and residents.

F.O.R. NATCHEZ! promotes understanding of the importance of parks and recreation to the Natchez economy and to the health and wellbeing of Natchez citizens.


F.O.R. NATCHEZ! fosters appreciation of the economic importance of the Natchez historic preservation ordinances that protect our city’s historic assets and its eligibility for historic preservation grants. Our Heritage Preservation Tourism Industry represents the core of the Natchez economy and is directly responsible for more than 2000 jobs and $900,000 in annual city taxes.

F.O.R. NATCHEZ! is keenly aware that opting for quick economic fixes over expert city planning could result in unsafe and shortsighted development that ultimately destroys our fragile bluff, our riverfront and our economy.

F.O.R. NATCHEZ! was incorporated in 2007 as a Mississippi nonprofit corporation. Modeled on other successful riverfront organizations, F.O.R. Natchez! will work through programs, events, education, fundraising, marketing and other activities to promote its goals.